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Dentures services offered in South Tampa, Tampa, FL

OneSource Dental of South Tampa offers custom-fit dentures if you’re looking for a solution to restore missing teeth and enhance your smile. The highly trained dental experts offer partial and complete dentures to provide a natural-looking set of healthy teeth. Call the specialists in Tampa, Florida, today to explore your denture options or book online through the reservation portal.

Dentures Q&A

What are dentures?

Dentures are a teeth-replacement therapy to restore entire sets of teeth, called complete dentures, or just a couple of teeth, called partial dentures. The OneSource Dental of South Tampa specialists take precise measurements of your jaw to ensure a custom fit. 

This personalized approach also ensures your dentures look natural, blend in seamlessly with existing teeth, and are properly sized inside the mouth. 

The Tampa, Florida, office provides conventional dentures, which means your treatment is ready for placement 8 to 12 weeks after tooth removal.

What are the benefits of dentures?

Teeth can become damaged or fall out due to disease or injury. Dentures provide a comfortable solution in response to these problems. Furthermore, dentures can be easily removed, which makes cleaning your new appliance and your mouth simple and convenient. The dental experts can further enhance denture satisfaction by providing an adhesive to increase stability.

Dentures supply essential support and jaw functionality. This ensures you’re able to chew and eat properly without immense effort. Dentures also protect your gums from hard food items that may damage them. 

How do I care for dentures?

The OneSource Dental of South Tampa team supplies a personal set of instructions for you to follow. In general, you should care for your dentures as you would natural teeth with a daily regimen. Brushing and rinsing your dentures is ideal for preventing the buildup of harmful bacteria. Avoid brushing with toothpaste as it may scratch your dentures and reduce their longevity.

You should also soak your dentures in a special, denture liquid nightly to clean them. Look for American Dental Association (ADA) approved products via the packaging label to ensure safety and efficacy. When handling dentures, carefully hover over the sink to prevent damage in case you drop them.

How often should I wear dentures?

It’s recommended to wear your dentures all day after you first receive them. This allows the expert team to make adjustments if needed. Your dentist provides additional instructions for long-term wear.

Schedule your denture consultation today by calling the Tampa, Florida, office or booking through the online portal.