Speak, Smile, and Chew Confidently With Dental Implants

Mar 06, 2023
Speak, Smile, and Chew Confidently With Dental Implants
If you need to replace one or more teeth, a dental implant gives you the natural look and feel you want. In this quick overview, you’ll learn why so many people choose this tooth replacement option.

Losing a tooth obviously isn’t ideal. But know this: You have options to fill the gap in your smile. What’s more, the tooth replacement possibilities available today can give you a new tooth that looks, feels, and functions just like a natural tooth. 

That’s particularly true if you choose dental implants. In fact, that’s why Nancy Horton, DMD, specifically offers implants here at OneSource Dental of South Tampa. There’s no better way to replace one or more missing teeth than with a method that melds seamlessly into your mouth and your lifestyle. 

The problem with other replacement teeth

If you’re missing a tooth or teeth, dental implants aren’t your only option. You could also choose to get dentures or a dental bridge. These other options come with some drawbacks, though. 

Dentures don’t attach to your mouth. As a result, people often report that they feel awkward. Learning to talk and eat with dentures can be a pain. 

Dental bridges, on the other hand, do get anchored in place. A bridge attaches to one or more teeth abutting the gap in your smile. The problem? They often need replacing within a decade or less. 

Dental implants have a major advantage. They’re designed to be permanent. That means that with proper care, they should last your lifetime. Plus, because they get securely rooted in your mouth, there’s no learning curve associated with this type of replacement teeth.

Understanding dental implants

Dental implants do have one downside. They require oral surgery, but that’s only necessary so Dr. Horton can give your replacement tooth or teeth the best possible foundation. Plus, because she’s a specialist in oral surgery, you can rest easy in her hands. 

So what, exactly, does this procedure entail? During dental implant surgery, Dr. Horton implants (hence the name) a metal post in your jawbone. This mimics the natural roots of your teeth. You then have a waiting period as your jawbone heals around the post, securing it in place. 

Then, Dr. Horton creates a replacement tooth (technically, a crown) that matches your natural teeth. She affixes it to the metal post so you have a new tooth that looks and feels just like the rest of your teeth. 

You get the added benefit of knowing your implant should last your lifetime, too. That way, you can speak, smile, and chew confidently through the years. 

If you need a replacement tooth, don’t hesitate to call our office in Tampa, Florida, or book your appointment online today. At our office, Dr. Horton can help you find out if a dental implant is right for you.