Did you know that OneSource Dental offers orthodontic treatment for patients?

Have you always wanted straight teeth? Is your bite unbalanced? Is it difficult to brush or floss your teeth due to crowding? You may be a candidate for clear braces!

Having properly aligned teeth is important to improve appearance, function and ease of cleaning. Long term maintenance of healthy teeth, gums, and TMJ is made simple by distributing forces evenly among all teeth present in the mouth. Orthodontics will help achieve proper alignment of teeth so that a patient can brush, floss and bite with ease.

At OneSource Dental we offer consultations followed by comprehensive orthodontic treatment with clear braces. At your initial appointment we will scan your teeth and use that data to customize treatment to meet your needs. We will dispense 3-4 sets of trays at each appointment and monitor patients every 6-8 weeks to ensure teeth movement is on track!

Any age, any stage, any time, we are here for you! Interested in clear braces? Ask us at your next visit if clear braces are right for you! October is the time to achieve your orthodontic goals at OneSource Dental of South Tampa.

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