When it comes to insurance, there are differences between corporate and independent dental offices.  When insurance is the main point for the patient, it is important to understand the power the insurance company holds over the patient’s health. The patient may not realize what is actually being covered, the restrictions on the type of materials offices are allowed to use, and the treatment options that can be recommended.  In the end, the insurance company is deciding what is best fro the patient instead of allowing the patient and their doctor to make the best decisions for their health. 

Independent offices have more flexibility on this front when working with patients.  Independent doctors are more interested in making sure the patient fully understands and receives the treatment that is needed, while also willing to work with the patients financially.  They can offer customizable in-office plans and low or no interest financial options.  The independent office does not have the insurance company hovering over their shoulder when it comes to decision making, which allows for the office to prioritize the patient’s care instead of what the insurance company says. 

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