One way that our office is continuously evolving and advancing is with the implementation of dental technology. Recently, our office has acquired a CEREC machine that allows for same day crown milling. What this means for the patient: instead of going home with a temporary (inlay, onlay, crown or bridge) and returning for the final a few weeks later, the patient can receive their final restoration the same day the tooth was prepared! When patient’s are able to commit a little extra time at the first appointment, they are able to leave with the final crown cemented and avoid coming back for a second appointment.

Our PrimeScan and CEREC machines allow us to scan your teeth, sparing you the discomfort of conventional impressions. We then design your crown digitally and send the custom design to the milling machine.

CEREC software allows us to make custom, accurate customizations to ensure a well-fitting restoration. The milling machine will manufacture a crown with incredible precision by grinding a block of porcelain or zirconia! The milling machine is able to “create smooth surfaces, margins, and ultrafine structures” with it’s advanced technology.

The CEREC Speedfire is small but mighty! This furnace is considered the smallest and fastest on the market and can sinter a zirconia crown in only 14 minutes.

We have state-of-the-art technology to offer you more efficient and precise dental care. Ask us about our same day crowns at your next visit!


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