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The Coronavirus has been getting a lot of attention recently. While the risk of serious illness remains low for most people, we want to do our part to ensure our patient family stays healthy through this time. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our patients. We advocate for everyone taking the recommended, common-sense steps provided by the CDC to slow the spread of this illness. Below are some helpful tools to ensure you and the rest of our patient family remains safe and healthy.

In Addition to the CDC’s recommendations, in an effort to go above and beyond reasonable expectations the following practices have been instituted at out office:

  • We log all staff temperatures daily.
  • The air continues to be disinfected with a high grade antiviral & antibacterial unit, but an additional UV light has been upgraded on the new air heating and cooling unit.
  • Individual air sanitizers have also been installed in each operatory, which are visible and can be purchased in our office for your home.
  • You will be advised to wash your hand when you come into the office and gargle with covid-killing disinfectant mouthrinse. ( Don’t worry it is flavorless! )

We are proud to iterate that all dentists are masters of infection control. We have been operating with these extra precautions for months. In this time there has not been a reported incidence of Covid-19 relating to our patient family after receiving treatment with us.

We take your – and our – health safety very seriously . It is our top priority!

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