Clear aligners make straightening your teeth easier and more convenient than ever.

Your smile can communicate a surprising range of emotions, from joy to embarrassment—even anger—so it’s not surprising that we unknowingly smile many times a day. If you have crooked teeth or a misaligned bite, however, you might feel self-conscious of your smile, showing it a little more reluctantly. Thankfully, modern dentistry has several methods of teeth straightening you can choose from, all of which can help you gain newfound confidence and will improve your oral health by making it easier to clean your teeth.

Clear aligners like Invisalign are becoming increasingly popular—over seven million people have used Invisalign to date—because they solve or lessen many of the negative aspects of braces, making treatment easier and more convenient than ever. If you’re hoping to learn more about clear aligners and the benefits they offer, here are 5 advantages of using clear aligners to straighten your teeth.

1. Your aligners’ impact on your social life is as invisible as the aligners themselves.

Since clear aligners are nearly invisible, they don’t have any impact on your social life! No one will even realize you’re wearing the aligners unless you point them out, so you won’t have to feel self-conscious about them on a date or worry that people at work will take you less seriously. Even if you rely heavily on your image for work, such as running a YouTube channel or being in front of cameras often, the aligners are clear enough that they shouldn’t show up on video or in photographs. They’re also removable, so you can take the aligners off for special occasions if you’d prefer—but don’t do this too often because they need to be on your teeth for at least 22 hours every day. Wearing them for less time than this will increase the amount of time it’ll take to straighten your teeth.

2. You don’t have to eat with them or adjust your diet.

While braces require you to cut out a lot of deliciously crunchy or sticky foods, such as popcorn and caramel and are still infamous for getting food stuck in the metal’s various nooks and crannies, clear aligners like Invisalign don’t require you to eat with the appliance in your mouth—or even adjust your diet at all. You need to remove the aligners before you can eat; this prevents your food from staining the aligners, keeping them invisible and enabling you to eat freely. You’ll get to continue comfortably and naturally eating all of your favorite foods whenever you’d like.

3. Your oral hygiene routine is as easy as ever.

Clear aligners can simply be popped out before you begin brushing and flossing your teeth just like you always do. You need to brush your teeth after each meal before you can put the aligners back in your mouth, so you’ll end up brushing your teeth a little more often than you usually would, but this is a quick and easy addition to your daily routine. Your aligners also need to be cleaned once a day with lukewarm water and a soft-bristled toothbrush to keep them clear, germ-free, and odorless. These additions to your routine only take a few extra minutes each day, making aligners incredibly easy to care for—especially when compared with navigating around the wires and brackets of braces to clean your teeth.

4. You’ll benefit from increased comfort.

Clear aligners are made of smooth plastic and are designed specifically for you so they conform to the unique shape of your teeth and gums. As a result, they won’t scratch the inside of your mouth like braces do and won’t irritate your gums. Additionally, braces have wires that can snap, jabbing you painfully and requiring you to drop everything and go to the emergency dentist to get them repaired. Aligners don’t have any wires, so they avoid this issue entirely. They won’t be completely painless, however, because the aligners shift your teeth into alignment in much the same way braces do. As a result, it’s normal for you to experience a little bit of soreness or discomfort right after you switch to a new set of aligners. Similarly to braces, the discomfort should go away after a few days.

5. You can start treatment at any time.

Once you decide to get clear aligners, you can take steps to begin your treatment at any time. Dr. Horton will scan your teeth to create a digital 3D image of them. She’ll then send that information, along with your treatment goals, to Invisalign so they can design a treatment plan for you and create your aligners. It’ll take a few weeks for the aligners to arrive, but once they do, you’ll be able to pop them right in. Dr. Horton will make sure they fit properly, but you should be able to begin treatment right away—without spending hours in the dental chair!

When you look at how little of a negative impact clear aligners have on your daily life, it’s easy to see why they’re so popular; they’re invisible, easy to care for, comfortable, and—most importantly—effective. If you’re still unsure whether clear aligners are right for you, you can call our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Horton to discuss your options.