If you are in need of orthodontic intervention for your smile, you might think of uncomfortable braces sitting on your teeth. However, technology has come a long way! Invisible aligners are a powerful orthodontic tool that can straighten your smile without anyone ever being able to tell you had an aligner in your mouth. Instead of metal braces, you could wear customized aligners in a specific pattern to gradually adjust your smile. Are you a candidate for invisible aligners?

How Much Alteration Does Your Smile Need?

Many of the prime candidates for invisible aligners have more straightforward issues and not serious cases of crookedness. A severe overbite or another serious issue requires traditional braces. However, invisible aligners are perfect for correcting common problems including underbite, overbite, crossbite, gapped teeth or crowded teeth.

How Old Are You?

Teeth continue to grow and change throughout the teen years, so young teens are often not good candidates for invisible aligners. Since the teeth are always slightly shifting, it’s extraordinarily difficult to make accurate aligners. If you are in your late teens, we can work with you to determine whether or not your teeth are done growing, and if you would be a good candidate for invisible aligners.

How Disciplined Are You?

Part of the reason why traditional braces are so effective is that once they are on your teeth, they are next to impossible to remove. However, you can take out your invisible aligners throughout the day. While you need to take them out when you eat or drink, you should be wearing them the rest of the day to ensure they are effective. If you think you will have trouble leaving them in, remembering to put them in or committing to see your treatment through, you might not be a good candidate for invisible aligners.

How Is Your Oral Health?

Finally, you should also think about your oral health. A good candidate for invisible aligners does not have untreated infections, gum disease or cavities. Thankfully, OneSource Dental can help to restore your oral health to excellent condition before your invisible aligner journey begins!

OneSource Dental Can Help You Determine if You Are a Candidate for Invisible Aligners

Our hygienist, Liz, and Dr. Horton work together to prioritize your comfort, and we make every effort to make your invisible aligners process stress-free. We are understanding, and we aim to ensure that your orthodontic experience in our office is as comfortable and relaxed as possible. To schedule your exam or speak to a dentist about invisible aligners, give us a call today at (813) 879-9299. We look forward to keeping your smile bright and healthy!